Nieda-Harsas Bureau of Tourism

Session 23 - Operation Toys in the Attic

Our putative heroes set a trap in the mansion's garret.

Party: NPCs:

Blizzacane’s shell illuminates a small part of a garret filled with crates and barrels. The party determines that the area is unoccupied and cautiously expands their illumination to find that the garret also holds beds and trunks for the mansion’s staff. A short reconaissance down a staircase reveals an unoccupied hallway and voices coming from a landing just off to the side. Wizmo suggests a trap: he will create the sound of noisy birds in the attic, which the people on the lower floor will naturally come and investigate. The adventurers create some barricades and position themselves, then Wizmo puts his plan into action.

The first antagonists up the stairs are surprised to find armed men instead of trespassing fowl, and battle is joined. Blizzacane defines the front line, keeping his enemies near him as much as possible. Wizmo and Lindwell deny freedom of movement to most of the enemy, keeping them near Blizzacane. Jorma, characteristically, bows out of the fight to focus on opening the chests and boxes scattered throughout the room. Gron awakes from a brief nap to find that his old companion, Lelz, has fetched up in the employ of Del Skorzeny. Lelz and Gron duel each other with bow, hammer, and advanced light security drone as Lelz attempts to negotiate with the companion he once betrayed. A razorclaw stalker breaks away from the pack and harasses Wizmo behind his barricade, forcing him to retreat and stop supporting some of his zones. She’s badly wounded, though, and yells to Lelz that they need to retreat. The enemy backs off in good order, leaving only the security drone to be destroyed by an irritated Blizzacane.

Taking advantage of this breathing space, the party rests and then explores the second floor of the mansion. The second floor is a hallway of marble lined with three bedrooms and two rooms of unknown purpose. Gron advises the party not to attempt to enter these, as the locks are trapped. The party must wait for Jorma to advance.

  • 250 XP each (9,911 total)



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