Nieda-Harsas Bureau of Tourism

Session 24 - Operation Hostel Takeover

The adventurers take down the boss of Ariaphas, but can they get out?

Party: NPCs:

Blizzacane, Jorma, and Wizmo descend from the garret to open the two rooms on the second floor that had been trapped. Jorma attempts to disarm the traps, but he cannot do so after several tries. The arrival of several of the mansion’s guards tasked with ensuring that the second floor is clear of intruders interrupts the effort.

The party hides in the hallway as the guards walk up the stairs. A dragonborn leads the way and attacks as soon as he sees Jorma. He is swiftly backed by a weaselly-looking little magician and a genasi fire mage. Wizmo catches the dragonborn and the magician in a terrible illusion of fairies as Blizzacane and Jorma make short work of them. The magician’s attempt to escape is cut short as Wizmo drags him back to the fray. The genasi bolts for the stairs, but her attempt to escape is cut short as she is pushed off the landing to the floor below. The party gives chase, arriving in the marble-floored entry hall just as she regains her footing.

The genasi is unenthusiastic about continuing the fight, however, and becomes surprisingly talkative. She directs the party to Skorzeny’s current location and a stash of money that had been wagered on a card game before the party came crashing in. Jorma’s reputation seems to impress her, and she openly flirts with him, earning her a dropped chandelier courtesy of Wizmo. Lindwell attempts to recruit her to New Port Chalmers with some degree of success. After satisfying her former adversaries’ curiosity, she leaves the entry hall by way of what is later revealed to be the library.

Setting the money aside for the moment, the adventurers press on toward their ultimate target: Del Skorzeny. Although the door of his conference room admits no sound, Skorzeny and two of his lieutenants are in a deep discussion of year-on-year profit growth. Skorzeny verbally spars with Jorma for a while before he grows bored and orders their deaths.

Jorma and Lindwell easily evade their nearer enemies and capture the center of the room. Blizzacane plants himself in the door, locks down Skorzeny and his half-orc henchwoman, and fills the room with a burst of concealing vines. Wizmo rushes about in the hall outside, constantly angling for line of sight to cast his mind-rending magic. A noblewoman, another of Skorzeny’s lieutenants, stands apart and exhorts her comrades to greater success. The half-orc and Skorzeny flank Blizzacane, but Jorma and Blizzacane flank the half-orc, and with added attacks from Lindwell and Wizmo, she falls. Skorzeny is kept weakened and blinded while the heroes wear him down. After Skorzeny is near beaten, Lindwell attempts to entice the noblewoman to New Port Chalmers, but she teleports away. Skorzeny falls, and Jorma’s task is done.

The adventurers search the room, finding some valuable items and, more importantly, papers detailing Skorzeny’s operations in Ariaphas. Jorma collects the papers as Blizzacane opens the room’s curtains wide, exposing the party to a squad of their enemies outside. The squad runs off to a door into the mansion, and the adventurers leave to explore the rest of the mansion, possibly finding the spoils that the genasi promised them. They open several bedrooms, out of which Blizzacane acquires clothes, and a linen closet. After returning to the entry hall and opening the library, Jorma is jumped by enemies at the door to the dining room.

A fierce battle ensues at the door. A cacklefiend hyena assaults Jorma’s mind, making his attacks less potent. Jorma backs off, but is pursued by a retiarius. Blizzacane rushes to the door to hold off the rest of the enemies, but an armored eladrin teleports past him and restrains Jorma. Yuri Yuliov, the last of Skorzeny’s lieutenants, degrades Blizzacane’s attacks and then starts targeting the rest of the party. Lindwell forces the retiarius to surrender, taking him out of the fight. Blizzacane freezes part of the dining room, damaging anything in it, and Wizmo summons illusory fairies to invade the minds of the enemy. Blizzacane and the eladrin duel each other until Wizmo finally brings the heavily armored opponent down. Yuri tries to escape, but the party pursues and kills him. The hyena savages Lindwell, but the timely intervention of Blizzacane saves him from a worse mauling. Soon, it too is downed.

The adventurers take stock. They still haven’t found the money the genasi promised them. They don’t know where the noblewoman went. Several rooms of the mansion are completely unexplored. They do, however, have a captive.

  • 725 XP each (10,636 total)
  • Black Pearl x1 (500 gp)
  • Ornamental Silver Gladius x1 (250 gp)
  • Atlan (Gold Elf) Jaguar Bracelet (gold) (250 gp)
  • 900 gp



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