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Session 28 - Operation Bartholomoo and Karl's Escort Service

Totally Sean's idea to call it that. Not the DM's.



The adventurers leave Nissus Point with Bartholomoo’s new shield and return to New Port Chalmers. Blizzacane claims his spot on the town square immediately. Bartholomoo goes to the mayor’s office to inform Thor of their failure on Nissus Point. Thor is disappointed but unsurprised. While they chat, the mayor notices the device on Bartholomoo’s new shield. He identifies it as a shield produced in Hestavar, home of Pelor, and typically given to heroes marked by the sun god. Bartholomoo then tells him about the revelation that led to minotaur to the Underground Temple of Pelor, particularly the instructions to go to the Land of the Sun and fight evil forces there. Thor mentions that Haram, whom Bartholomoo has never met, is in town and might know more about the Land of the Sun.

Blizzacane and Bartholomoo go to the inn to find Haram. Bartholomoo is immediately distracted by the availability and variety of Karl’s unique local beverages, eventually ordering one of each. Blizzacane steals the Bacondunkel while Bartholomoo is distracted and tells Karl that the Apple Lager and the Golden Stout were emptied over the course of the journey, which pleases the innkeeper. Karl points out Haram, but Bartholomoo staggers out the door and collapses by the street. Blizzacane moves toward Haram, but his sister finds him and drags him off to see her new residence in the church and meet her new friends.

Bartholomoo’s repose is interrupted by Marshal Daguerre’s boot. Daguerre suggests that Bartholomoo find someplace to sleep other than the street and notes that the inn is quite close. Bartholomoo returns to the inn and suddenly remembers that he should ask the merchant about the Land of the Sun. Haram is pleased to find another potential guard for his caravan, and asks Bartholomoo to join him on his journey to the Escul Desert – known to its residents as the Land of the Sun. Bartholomoo agrees. A drow paladin, Krenal, also offers his services, and Haram allows him to come along after a brief, esoteric evaluation. The merchant warns them that the desert is a harsh place and that they should be well prepared. Forewarned, the two stock up on equipment, rituals, and components before joining the caravan. On the day of their departure, they are joined by Lucien, an elf Haram had recruited earlier.

The journey across the Azure Plains is uneventful on the first night. The second night, however, Krenal stands guard in trance as an arrow pierces the darkness near him! Lelz and two razorclaw shifters emerge from the darkness and assault the paladin. They fail to bring him down immediately, however, and Krenal raises the alarm. Lucien and Bartholomoo struggle toward wakefulness as Krenal stands alone against their foes. The drow casts a cloud of darkness around himself, blinding the shifters and Bartholomoo. The three stumble out of the darkness, and soon a whirling, bloody battle begins in earnest as each combatant maneuvers for maximum advantage. The shifters eventually drop, and Lelz takes that for a cue to leave combat. He flees into the darkness, but Krenal, who can see in total darkness, follows after and drops him. The bodies are dragged near the campfire, and the party returns to sleep and trance.

In the morning, everyone wakes refreshed, including Lelz. He rushes the staked horses, leaps atop one, digs his heels in, and escapes laughing. Haram is not pleased with the loss of a horse, but he is much happier not to have lost a wagon or a guard.

The caravan resumes its journey, arriving at the Twilight Pass in the Great Scarp four days later. There they camp, preparing to enter the desert the next day.


  • 283 XP each (11169)



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