Nieda-Harsas Bureau of Tourism

Session 30 - Operation Overdue Books

The adventurers kill some fairies and seize some books.


After the battle with the hawks, Krenal and Lucien go scout around the oasis. Torclaw, Rickshaw, and Bartholomoo consider their path into the Oasis of the Golden Peacock. Rickshaw scouts ahead and finds a dusty path with little cover.

The party gets their first good look at the oasis. A lake lies in the center of the oasis. In the center of the lake is a small island. Lush vegetation surrounds the lake. The oasis is dominated by a tall butte at its eastern edge. Birds can be seen everywhere, particularly overhead. A thin column of smoke rises from the edge of the vegetation.

The heroes decide to avoid the road and approach the oasis from directly north. Their stealthy approach lets them surprise a group of fey creatures around a large tent. The spriggan guards fight to the death, and the party slays a quickling that attacks them, but a satyr manages to escape. The party loots the campsite, recovering quite a bit of treasure. Torclaw finds Emrett Mazrid’s diary and accidentally activates a magical curse meant to protect it. He sets it aside for someone more magically inclined to take care of later.


  • 275 XP each (11444)
  • boots of grounding (Torclaw)
  • cold iron dagger
  • triptych painting depicting sinister looking nymphs and satyrs cavorting under a swollen full moon (250 gp)
  • silver chalice studded with moonstones (250 gp)
  • egg-shaped, multi-faceted black gem held up by a delicate silver frame (350 gp)
  • fashionable outfits x8 (75 gp ea)
  • pairs of stylish shoes x4 (50 gp ea)
  • expensive cosmetics and vials of perfume (200 gp)
  • 34 sp



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