Nieda-Harsas Bureau of Tourism

Session 31 - Operation Exposition

The party reads and then plays music.



Torclaw brings Emrett Mazrid’s diary to Lindwell. Lindwell examines the book, but he does not notice the curse on it. After attempting to read the book and activating the curse, he is able to dispel it and read the contents.

The book is filled with intellectual self-aggrandizement, half-baked speculation, and details of Mazrid’s inspiration and current plans. Mazrid was a member of the Brotherhood of the Peacock, an association of scholars dedicated to preserving the knowledge of the Order of the Golden Peacock, and ancient circle of druids who once inhabited the Oasis of the Golden Peacock. Mazrid, thank to a possibly fraudulent geneaology, believes that she is a descendant of on of the members of the order, and that the power of the oasis is her birthright. She must bathe the obelisk at the center of the oasis in the blood of a sacrificial victim to achieve her ends. Mazrid has concluded a d├ętente with Hazar, the flawed, immortal guardian of the oasis. Since then, her raiders have been stealing books and people to further her ends. Voor, who sank Mazrid’s academic career, was seized as a sacrificial victim, and Mazrid is ready to conclude her plan. She indicates a correspondence with an individual known as T, whom Lindwell remembers as Amrit Perrigan.

After reading the book, Lindwell tries his best to get back into Mint’s good graces, promising her access to her taste buds and ice cream. Mint, mollified, answers many of Lindwell’s questions regarding the oasis and the Order of the Golden Peacock. She mentions a gateway to the feywild somewhere in the lake, though she doesn’t remember its exact location. She notes that the oasis attracts kinds of birds that shouldn’t be in a desert at all.

Lindwell and Krenal decide to scout the location of the last fight. As they survey the carnage, Krenal notices two points of egress from the camp. A well-traveled track with bootprints from numerous individuals leads one direction; the tracks of a running satyr lead another. Mint lets Lindwell know that she really likes satyrs, so he suggests they follow it. The Hoff handles the tracking, and soon enough they find the errant satyr.

The satyr seems relaxed when they find it playing a flute. The Hoff joins in with his tambourine, frightening the satyr. It demands to know who they are; Hoff tries to soothe it with his music. Lindwell watches the scene and considers the chain of events that dragged him here as Mint demands he get the satyr to play its flute. Lindwell plays his own flute badly, but manages to amuse the satyr and it acknowledges them as fellow musicians. It inquires as to why mortals have traveled so far into the desert. Lindwell name-drops his patron, the Lady of Spices, and requests a performance for her. The satyr complies, which satisfies Mint, who demands that Lindwell grant it a boon. Lindwell does so, granting the boon personally rather than as an agent of the Lady of Spices. The satyr accepts the boon and requests that the party inform Mazrid that its business with her is done. The party asks where she might be, and the satyr gives a list of possible locations; she might be on the island, she might be giving instructions to the eladrin raiders, or she might be persuading one of her warriors to leave his new paramour. (Said warrior was enjoying a company of a dryad that he thinks is an elf.) The satyr also stated that Mazrid was probably not to be found at Hazar’s lair. It also reveals the location of Mazrid’s boats. Now bored, the satyr says goodbye and swims away to a portal to the feywild at the bottom of the lake.

Lindwell notes the location of the portal for future use. The party decides to travel around the south of the lake, taking the path less travelled. Before reaching the boats, however, the adventurers stumble across the prison of the missing scholar, Voor.



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