Nieda-Harsas Bureau of Tourism

Session 38 - Operation Miner Details

The adventurers delve further into the ancient city.


After clearing the concourse, the adventurers stop to take in the sights of the underground civilization they’ve just uncovered. They have found themselves in part of a grand concourse lined with massive monuments. The size of the visible area and the ruined market surrounding it indicate that this was once a space where many people gathered. Rubble surrounds the open area, and a vast metal slab that was once a rooftop blocks off one end of the concourse.

The party hears the clink of a pickaxe through another wall, but cannot locate the source of the sound. Larkin locates what might be a tunnel leading to it, but loose debris blocks the way, as though someone had dug their way through beforehand.

Zahar inspects the metal roof and finds a chunk of it that appears to have come loose from the rest. Bartholomoo is able to open a way through the roof, revealing part of the facade of a ruined building. As the path opens, Bartholomoo and Zahar see light within the ruins.

Bartholomoo suggests selecting their direction through the use of an ancient minotaur ritual, paper-rock-scissors. Unfortunately, he does not know the rules. Zahar thinks flipping a coin would be best. Larkin suggests using the way that is already open, and the rest of the party concurs. While they argue, however, a floating skull sees them and shrieks a warning.

Larkin storms in first, followed by the rest of the party. They fight what seems to be another party of undead, intent on mining the place for valuables. Bartholomoo and Zahar take down a wight miner, and Larkin fires on the floating, flaming skull. A fossilized skeleton appears from the wall and gives the archer a hard time, but Larkin gives it a merry chase across the chamber. At last the foul things are defeated, and the adventurers acquire some valuables and some ancient armor.

Bartholomoo, weakened by the recent fights, suggests returning to the surface to rest. Larkin argues that they should press on and make the ruins as safe as possible for any scholars who might follow them later. Bartholomoo thinks the opening is a partially collapsed hallway or a hallway that had been filled by rubble. The heroes set to digging it out, eventually revealing a mostly smooth hall leading to a crypt.

The adventurers hear activity in the crypt; this is surely the miner they heard earlier. As they advance, they see another undead miner and another flaming skull. Larkin takes the first shot, using all his skill to pierce the miner hiding behind the sarchophagus with both an arrow and an insulting comment. The undead hide themselves out of view of the crypt’s doorway, and the party advances down the hallway to engage them. Bartholomoo rushes to the door of the crypt and warns him companions of the threats he sees as the curtain draws on another exciting cliffhanger!


  • 350 XP ea (15,049)
  • Branchrunners (Adam)
  • silver fire elemental statuette x1 (1500 gp)
  • 200 gp
  • Ancient Armor



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