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Session 39 - Operation Research and Relaxation

The party clears a crypt, finds a tantalizing clue, and gets lunch.



The adventurers advance on the mausoleum below Zamali, intent on clearing away the undead menace that lies within it. After steamrolling another miner wight, they follow the last flaming skull into the depths of the dungeon. Bartholomoo sets off a trap, hampering their movement. Larkin maneuvers for a better shot but is surprised as a fossil skeleton leaps at him from the stone wall to his back. The combatants whirl in a deadly dance, but ultimately the adventurers are victorious.

The undead seem to have ransacked this place, as well; it seems that everything worth taking has been taken. A cracked stone tablet, a memorial detailing the deeds of a king of an ancient kingdom, is their sole reward. They bring it, the ancient armor, and the ancient dagger to the surface.

Larkin notes that they have fought three distinct groups of undead and brings up the possibility that someone, somewhere was controlling them. The party admits the possibility. Bartholomoo, however, still wants to use the underground city as the party’s lair. Zahar mentions that Voor might be able to direct them to a more upscale lair.

Farooq is pleased to see the party. He feels that the artifacts will prove a welcome distraction to Voor, a belief swiftly borne out when Voor overhears Farooq’s conversation with the party and comes to Farooq’s office to see the artifacts. The two scholars argue over the provenance of the items before Voor identifies the armor and dagger as being of an eladrin make from before the wars which putatively split the unified eladrin race into the eladrin, the elves, and the drow. Zahar realized that the glyph is revered by the Valenar elves as part of their ancient history, as part of a myth about an ancient kingdom up north. Voor requests that the party assist him in researching this topic, but Larkin and Zahar note that they need rest. Larkin agrees to return the next day to write up notes on what they saw in the old city and continue their research. Farooq directs them to the accommodations that he has arranged, and the party sets out across Zamali.

The house Farooq sends them to is not luxurious, being as it is on the wrong side of the camel tracks. The area does have several taverns and a place to bathe, which comforts the party somewhat. Larkin finds an acceptable elven wine and is chased across Zamali’s rooftops by the city watch after acquiring a pair of burglar’s gloves. Zahar talks to the rats and pigeons to get the local news. Bartholomoo looks and looks but can’t find any minotaurs. After their business is concluded, they eat and go to sleep.

The following morning, the adventurers return to find that Voor has contracted mummy rot, and that Farooq is taking him to the doctor. The young scholar instructs the party to continue the research on their own, stating that they have access to an excellent library and a community of scholars. Unfortunately, none of that helps. All that they uncover is that there might once have been a city in a mountain up north that may have been by a lake. The only real lead they have is the connection between the glyph Farooq and Voor noted on the dagger and the Valenar Elves in the north and northeast of the desert.




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