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Session 40 - Operation Research and Relaxation, Continued

The party gets a location, and Bartholomoo gets naked.



Farooq is unimpressed with the party’s lack of success in their research but cannot offer much assistance, himself. Despite Voor’s recent bout with mummy rot, the team resolves to consult him. In deference to his convalescence, the party collects a few gifts for the old scholar: some sort-of-fresh fruit, a bottle of elven wine, and a pitcher’s worth of dwarven stout.

Voor’s villa near the edge of the city still shows the signs of damage wrought by the raiding eladrin who captured him. One of the workmen rebuilding the place directs the party to Voor’s bedroom, which is still intact. Voor receives the team and accepts their gifts. He is rather pleased with the stout, as he states he only rarely indulges in it due to the difficulty of its importation. In a gracious gesture, he offers to share it with the party, an invitation that they (particularly Bartholomoo) accept.

The little band gather’s in Voor’s half-destroyed kitchen and discuss the fruits of their work. Voor crankily expresses his disappointment and exclaims that he is going to show them how it’s done. The scholar sends Zahar to dig through some of the rubble of the kitchen for a particular figurine, and Larkin is dispatched to gather some plants from Voor’s garden. Bartholomoo, the lightweight, is left to enjoy his rather swift intoxication and the belief that removing his armor might help him shake it off. Voor himself constructs a ritual circle to which he adds the items brought by Zahar and Larkin. The old scholastic has determined to consult external sources, using the Consult Mystic Sages ritual to determine the location of any city linked to the glyph found on the Ancient Dagger. The extraplanar sage he consults names the city of Afakhan and notes the it is located in the world, the feywild, and the shadowfell under Mount Timir, Tor Emer, and the Peaks of Mir, respectively.

As the name of the city’s location in the world is known to Voor, he sends the adventurers back to Farooq. Farooq is delighted that they can at least reach the location in the world, and they consider the possibility of uncovering portals to the parts of the city in the other planes. The undead below Zamali are an enduring worry, however, and the investigation of the fragment of Afakhan in the world takes precedence over scholarly spitballing. Farooq sends the party to find atlases and plot a route through the desert to Mount Timir quickly while he secures supplies for them to map the city with.

The party travels for part of a day before Bartholomoo remembers to use the Endure Elements ritual to protect them from the harsh conditions of the desert. Near the end of their journey, Larkin detects the smoke of a camp some distance from theirs. The party catches up with a group of Valenar Elves the next day and ask a number of questions regarding Afakhan and Mount Timir. The Valenar, after requesting that Bartholomoo put his clothes back on, claim that they know of the mountain, and say that their legends tell of a lost city found beneath it. They don’t get clost to the mountain, which is sacred to them, but elves have been close enough recently to smell the scent of death in the area, and once a powerfully sweet scent. One of the elves recounts to Larkin several conflicting tales concerning the origin of the Escul Desert, but doesn’t claim to believe any particular one.

The party prepares themselves for the last leg of the journey to Mount Timir.


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