Blizzacane Stormshard

Re-build of the original fanged killing machine


Razorclaw Shifter Warden Level 6

Tier Class
Heroic Tier Storm Heart Warden
Paragon Path Child of the North Wind (planned)
Epic Destiny Storm Sovereign (decided)
Stat Value Bonus
STR 17 +3
CON 17 +3
DEX 13 +1
INT 9 -1
WIS 14 +3
CHA 10 +0
Calculated Stat Value
Max HP 69
Bloodied 34
AC 22
REF 15
Healing Surges 12
Surge Value 17
Equipment Slot Equipment Name
Weapon Lightning Longsword +1
Armor Feral Hide Armor +2
Shield Heavy Shield
Hands Parry Gauntlets
Neck Amulet of Vigor +2
Feature Type Feature Name
Razorclaw Shifter Racial Feature Razorclaw Shifting
Warden Class Feature Stormheart Guardian Might
Warden Class Feature Nature’s Wrath
Warden Class Feature Font of Life
Feat Wild Senses
Feat Raging Storm
Feat Courageous Example
Feat Courage of the Lone Stag
Power Type Power Name Fluff
At-Will Warden’s Fury Imm. Int. on hit, enemy grants CA to me and allies until end of my next turn
At-Will Warden’s Grasp Imm. React. slides target and slows; stops shifting
At-Will Thorn Strike pull target 1 square
At-Will Tempest Assault other marked targets take con mod thunder damage
Encounter Razorclaw Shifting speed +2, AC and Reflex +1
Encounter Gale Strike see tempest assault; slide marked enemy 1 square
Encounter Form of Winter’s Herald Attack immobilized (save ends)
Encounter Violent Bolt one other enemy must choose to either fall prone or take 5 damage (+con mod from Stormheart)
Daily Form of Winter’s Herald polymorph
Daily Winter’s Grip close blast 3 ice zone (5 damage to creatures); sustain minor
Daily Nature’s Abundance close burst 3 plant zone; grants cover to allies
Daily Treacherous Ice stance; enemies cannot shift into or out of adjacent squares

Ten-Minute Background

5 Background Concepts:
  • Playful and curious
  • Known among his tribe as a troublemaker because of a penchant for having to see and understand things. Has broken many rules just because he wanted to know what would happen if he did. Has an irresistable urge ot push buttons and pull levers that he’s been told not to touch.
  • Typical appearance for his race, but the tips of both his ears droop for some reason.
  • Lived as part of a nomadic tribe that still tried to live off the land as much as possible. Tribe itself did its best to stay away from civilization.
  • Being closely tied to the beasts of the wood, will only harm a woodland creature if he has no other choice.
2 Goals
  • Make a name for himself as a hero instead of a troublemaker
  • Be an effective Defender
2 Secrets
  • Much prefers city life. More random stuff happens.
  • Searches for a higher purpose, whether that be through a religious experience or simply finding his niche.
3 People
  • Sister. Doesn’t matter what she did or what her name is. Just gives Jake an excuse to have a quasi-catgirl in the story later.
  • Mack. Human rogue that helped him get into trouble in the first town he visited. A nice guy, but took advantage of Blizz’s carefree, impulsive nature to lift a few pockets in the ensuing confusion.
  • An old trader that would sometimes visit his tribe in the wilderness. Never knew the old man’s name, but he would often tell stories of the large cities and tales of heroism.
3 Memories
  • First time he flew. He wasn’t supposed to, but being thrown by an annoyed orc will have that effect on you.
  • First visit to the city and the wonders (and trouble) he found there.
  • Being thrown out of first city he ever visited BECAUSE of the trouble he found there. His travels brought him to his current situation.
Developing Character
  • Is willing to go along with terrible ideas just to see what happens, success or fail (read: carrying a crate into a room full of bandits with Jorma inside)
  • More like a house cat than a wild cat, since he likes his bells and tried to paw at a dangling lightning-enchanted sword. In addition, I am blaming his penchant for missing in the subsequent fights on the fact that he keeps looking at the crackling sword as he swings it instead of at his target.

Blizzacane Stormshard

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