Lindwell Sam'ej Dio, Esq.

Tier Class
Heroic Tier Warlock, Fey Pact
Paragon Path Planewalker (planned)
Epic Destiny Chosen (who knows)
Stat Value Bonus
STR 8 -2
CON 12 +1
DEX 11 +0
INT 15 +2
WIS 10 +0
CHA 20 +5
Calculated Stat Value
Max HP 24
Bloodied 12
AC 14
REF 13
Healing Surges 7
Surge Value 6
Equipment Slot Equipment Name
Weapon Dagger
Armor Leather
Feature Type Feature Name
Tiefling Racial Feature Infernal Wrath
Tiefling Racial Feature Fire Resistance
Tiefling Racial Feature Bloodhunt
Warlock Class Feature Eldritch Blast
Warlock Class Feature Eldritch Pact
Warlock Class Feature Prime Shot
Warlock Class Feature Shadow Walk
Warlock Class Feature Warlock’s Curse
Feat Hellfire Blood
Power Type Power Name
At-Will Eldritch Blast
At-Will Eyebite
At-Will Misty Step
At-Will Warlock’s Curse
Encounter Infernal Wrath
Encounter Witchfire
Daily Flames of Phlegethos

Lindwell Sam’ej Dio is the last in a long and feared line of evil warlocks who serve the god Tiamat. He is the last because he just can’t get the evil part down. His failure definitely isn’t due to a lack of trying; he comes up with a new and devious scheme daily. It’s just a slight miscalculation always seems to corrupt his already corrupt deeds and cause them to backfire.

The first and only son of Al’koroth Dio, he was actually born with a twin sibling. Due to custom, however, he was separated from his twin who was offered up as a sacrifice for Tiamat. There have been rumors, however, that the ritual was not performed and his twin still lives, thus his apparent lack of favor from Tiamat. The rumors and his failings as a steward of Tiamat have cast a stain on his father’s reputation. Al’koroth, once famous as one of three Warlocks to know the secret of the curse of Debased Supernal, a curse so powerful it could destroy celestials, has since become ostracized by his peers.

His most recent failure, and potentially the most fatal to his cause, was his Warlock pact ritual. To best serve Tiamat, Lindwell delved into Infernal territory. Despite the nature of the creatures, none exuded the aura of complete evil that he desired. Sure, they talked the talk of being evil, but to Lindwell they all seemed rather unimpressive. None lived up to the mountain of his expectations and so he vowed to renew his search. It was then that a vision came to him in a dream. Tiamat herself appeared before him and invited him to perform a pact ritual that was only revealed to the chosen few and only directly by Tiamat. He hastily accepted and formed the pact.

Despite his pact with Tiamat herself, his luck did not improve. To the contrary, it actually worsened. Tiamat only provided him with minute power to test his resolve, so he was only able to do small things like teleport and become invisible to some individuals. Every evil plan that was suggested by Tiamat backfired worse than the ones he made himself. He finally hit rock bottom after a plan to get old ladies run over by passing carts ended up with him walking 20 across a major roadway without incident. It was after the 20th one that he felt a change take place. His religious connection to Tiamat was severed, the evil energy that had been giving him power no longer pulsed through his body. He had become neutral.

What was most odd was the pact he had formed still existed, and he could still feel Tiamat through it. When he questioned her about his transformation, the response shocked him to his core. “Whoops, looks like Mint got you,” came the response. Then the small form of a fey appeared in front of him. “Name’s actually Mint. Mint thought Lindwell would realize right away. After the pact, well, Mint would have felt bad to tell Lindwell, so Mint just played along. Now that Lindwell isn’t evil, well, guess Mint and Lindwell can get along!”

Despite the fey’s cheerfulness, Lindwell vowed to himself that he would once again become a disciple of Tiamat. To accomplish this goal, he would create an evil empire unlike any ever created. And to create this empire, he would need a city to serve as its capital. Stuck with Mint, he voiced his plan. “Perfect!” she exclaimed, “Mint just happens to know of a recovering town east of here through the Singleterry forest that would be perfect for that.” Reluctantly, Lindwell set off to meet his destiny….

After arriving in New Port Chalmers, Lindwell discovered a town ripe for his ambitions. He quickly set about making himself an invaluable member of the community in order to raise his reputation in town to such a level where he can start enacting his schemes.

His first goal is to establish the Dio Training Hall with which to focus and shape the bodies and minds of his future army.

His next goal is to remove all obstacles preventing travel to New Port Chalmers. He has formed a crack demolitions squad (the SUDS)to destroy the rocky debris at the bottom of the river preventing larger ships from moving cargo and people. He has also worked to survey land in order to build roads to allow caravans easy passage. Once these hindrances have been removed, Dio’s future army will be able to sweep out from New Port Chalmers, claiming the world for him.

Lindwell has progressively made a name for himself around New Port Chalmers. Not content to delay his grand plans, his constant push for the improvement of the town has earned him the title “Director of Public Works.” While Lindwell does not get paid for the job, he sees world domination as his eventual reward. In addition, he is also the self-appointed head of the New Port Chalmers taxation bureau, a duty he started in order to divert more funds to his many development projects.

His reputation has also spread to the surrounding area. After passing the bar exam in Teremial, he acted as the defense attourney for Blighgarten Cuttlesworth. Lindwell used his power to petition for a maximum sentence believing it to be an evil act. Instead, a notorious criminal was found guilty and the crime rate dropped drastically due to criminals being afraid of being represented by “The Worst Lawyer in Teremial.”

Lindwell Sam'ej Dio, Esq.

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