Rocky Stein

A communications specialist who hung out with a bad crowd.


Rocky Stein was recruited by the Nissus Point bandits from his home of Treblo after his grandfather died and left him an estate filled with debt. Rather than debate the finer points of law with his creditors, Rocky accepted the bandits’ offer and fled north to Nissus Point. The bandits trained him as a communications specialist; he learned the equipment they used, their cipher techniques, and their communications security procedures. Stein was stationed on the west bank of the Nieda River until his capture by a band of adventurers.

After his capture, Stein’s aptitude for knowledge insured him a role in the newly formed New Port Chalmers Engineering Corps as its first member. Due to Lindwell Sam’ej Dio, Esq. being absent from New Port Chalmers so often, he has been given the title of Interim Director of Project Coordination. He is also the unofficial director of Human Resources.

Stein is an associate of Peter Petrov.

Rocky Stein

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