Ole Vergsson

Leader of the Nissus Point bandits.


Ole Vergsson commands the bandits of Nissus Point. He is currently searching for an artifact located in an underground temple while searching for a new site for his headquarters.

The bandits are led by Ole Vergsson. The core of the bandits is the remnant of a military squad that fled the fall of their barony. They have since trained other humanoids that they’ve picked up along the way. With the cash they get from plunder along the upper Nieda, they have managed to extend a recruiting drive down as far as the southern river cities. Vergsson hopes to build a small army with enough power to found a new realm on the upper Nieda, a barony with himself as baron.

As a consequence of their military origins, Ole’s bandits (at least the ones who actually attack people) are reasonably well organized, if poorly equipped. They also have a well developed reconnaissance branch which uses cryptograms and signal techniques.

The bandits are looking for a powerful artifact in the old caves under Nissus Point. The bandits have been contracted by Amrit Perrigan, a female human wizard, to retrieve a scroll. Amrit has offered a substantial sum, one that would allow Vergsson to equip his men as an army. He will stop at nothing to find the artifact.

The artifact Perrigan seeks is a scroll describing the Evocation of the Lesser Sun. The Evocation of the Lesser Sun is a divine spell which allows the user to create a small sun at their position. The sun obliterates an area 2000 yards in radius, including the caster. Opinions differ as to why Pelor allows his power to be used in such a way, but the fact remains that the spell exists and has been used in anger. Clerics of Pelor hid the spell, hopefully until a suitable countermeasure could be devised.

Vergsson had been supported by Amrit Perrigan during his search for the artifact stored in the Underground Temple of Pelor. Following his men’s failure to recover it, Perrigan cut him loose. He offered his services to the town of New Port Chalmers, but the parties could not reach an agreement. Now Vergsson intends to make Nissus Point his own.

Ole Vergsson

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