A young green dragon who serves a cult of Tiamat.


Etorre is a young green dragon who has chosen to serve Tiamat more directly than his fellows as a follower of one of her cults. He is an adjutant to Al’koroth Dio, frequently acting as a hatchet man. He has learned to respect and fear Dio, despite his initial disdain at the idea of being placed under a mere tiefling.

Etorre was recently dispatched to the Little Palace of Spices, where he was tasked with overseeing Carcassi‘s effort to retrieve the power Tiamat’s diviners found in the place. He arrived after the slaughter of the cultists at the hands of Blizzacane Stormshard, Jorma, and Lindwell Sam’ej Dio, Esq. and was subsequently duped into believing that the power of the place had been concentrated in a banana-nut muffin.

Al’koroth Dio now looks less favorably on his protege, and the other cultists have taken to calling Etorre “Muffin” when they think he can’t hear them. Oh, is he ever pissed.

After finally confronting the party in a featureless, infinite expanse, Etorre disappeared. His current whereabouts and condition are unknown.


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