Al’koroth Dio

A warlock who has pledged his power to the service of Tiamat.


Father of Lindwell Sam’ej Dio. Mentor of Etorre. Leader of a cult of Tiamat devoted to collecting lost or forgotten power for her service. Al’koroth Dio is the scion of a long line of warlocks who exchanged their souls for great power, Dio hopes to cheat his way out of his bargain by his service to Tiamat.

He is currently considering the disposition of his son Lindwell. Lindwell has not concluded a pact with a devil and has – shockingly – shown tendencies toward neutrality. Lindwell’s fecklessness reflects poorly on Al’koroth, and Al’koroth no longer stands as high in the service of Tiamat as he once did.

Al’koroth Dio

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