Cephas Piers

An engineer with ideas beyond his time.


Cephas Piers is a son of a mercantile halfling family in Teremial. At a young age, Piers became enamored of the workings of the new water-powered mills and mechanical clocks in Teremial. Forsaking trade, Piers apprenticed himself to a clockmaker at a young age and learned all he could. During this time, Piers also learned a bit about construction techniques, as his master’s clocks were large enough to require special buildings to house them.

After the end of his apprenticeship, Piers took advantage of the Church of Erathis’s support for new inventions. Initially impressed by his work in timekeeping, the clerics of Erathis allowed him some space and funding in their workshops. However, his idle experiments with steam, his insistence that sinking boats were the way of the future, and his steady lack of usable results have brought the clerics to increase pressure on Piers.

After a chance accident with Blizzacane and a lever, Lindwell and the party recruited Piers to created submersibles for their effort to clear Lake New Port Chalmers and the Nieda River of the remains of the old bridge.

Cephas Piers

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