Blighgarten Cuttlesworth


A notorious criminal mastermind working in the city of Teremial, he is known for both his intelligence and brutality. He was the leader of a group of bandits operating within the city for several years before an informant provided authorities with information implicating him in the murder of a merchant who appeared to be trying to sever business ties with him.

Knowing that prosecuting Cuttlesworth would be difficult, the city guards worked out a special arrangement with the Mayor to hold a trial immediately. He was not given any time to contact his own lawyer or to prepare his defense. Instead, Lindwell Sam’ej Dio, Esq., a lawyer fresh from the Bar exam, was appointed in the hopes that his inexperience would be enough to sabotage Cuttlesworth’s defense.

Lindwell, seeing this as a potential evil scheme, unknowingly aided the city by acting as a second prosecutor instead of a defense attourney. He performed the job so well that the judge pronounced the maximum sentence: death.

On being removed from the courtroom, Cuttlesworth screamed out that he would have his vengence on both Teremial and Lindwell.

The next morning when the jailer came to fetch Cuttlesworth for his execution, the cell was found empty.

Blighgarten Cuttlesworth

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