Renald Morsen II


Renald Morsen II

Age : 25

Height : 5’11”

Weight : 200 lb

Hair Color : black

1) As a child, he stole money from a stranger in town. He thought nothing would happen, despite the morals inspired upon him by his father. The next day he heard about the death of a child because her father couldn’t afford the medicine due to a pickpocket. Ever since then, he has had a newfound respect for strangers, and is very hesitant to steal valuables without good reason.

2) Renald is naturally curious about new and exciting things, but his faith and religion is his method of containing his curiosity when necessary.

3) After his father’s passing, he took up his role as mayor. He took the job very seriously, determined to make the town better in every aspect.

4) One night, after a long day of politics, he hit the tavern for a few ales. He ended up sleeping with a tall, blonde haired woman named Sarah. They started spending alot of time together. After realizing the she was crazy and manipulative, he started avoiding her(This is where Jake gets to have fun with the nagging wife, with high charisma). Time passes and sarah’s stomach starts to buldge…. She is pregnant. He stays with her for the sake of the child.

5) Their town becomes threatened by undead. He gets fed up with sitting behind the lines doing work in politics, and decides to tempoarily join the adventuring company they hired to help clear the undead. Traveling with these adventurers opened up his mind and Renald has ever since then, has had a burning desire to do so once again.

6) In his absense, due to politics concerning the undead, he was forced out of his position as mayor and a dimwitted halfling took over his position. He and his family no longer felt like they belonged. He decided to Head for New Port.


1) Ensure his new town is safe and capable of raising his son.

2) Work his way into a position of political influence in New Port

3) Find a more suitable mother before his son turns 3.


1) He tells everyone his mother died at childbirth, but his father told him she ran away from the responsibility.

2) His wife cheated on him during their first months together. His son is not his own, but Renald is unaware of either.


1) Sarah Golding – his wife. According to her, her parents abandoned her at a young age. She is very charismatic, very persuasive, and very manipulative.

2) Patrick Pinwiddle – his partner in politics for 3 years. Patrick was the man he could turn to whenever he needed help with some dirty work.

3) Dreldon- the evil cleric behind the undead attacks on his hometown. He managed to escape in the final assault that defeated the undead forces


1) Renald vividly remembers the birth of his son, Renald the III. Fred was the closet thing to a doctor they had at the time , and he helped deliver the baby

2) The death of his father was also an important memory, he past at the age of 51, due to an illness related to his lungs

3) His vanquishing of his first undead. It was a glorious moment for him . The zombie minion fell easily to his blade.

Renald Morsen II

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