Gron Swiftrise


Goliath Shaman Level 3

Tier Class
Heroic Tier Shaman, Protector
Paragon Path N/A (planned)
Epic Destiny N/A (planned)
Stat Value Bonus
STR 12 +1
CON 16 +3
DEX 10 +0
INT 14 +2
WIS 17 +3
CHA 8 01
Calculated Stat Value
Max HP 38
Bloodied 19
AC 16
REF 13
Healing Surges 10
Surge Value 9
Equipment Slot Equipment Name Bonus
Weapon Spear +4 = 3 prof + 1 STR + 1 level bonus
Armor Hide +5 = 4 armor + 1 Enh
Feature Type Feature Name
Goliath Racial Feature Mountain’s Tenacity
Goliath Racial Feature Powerful Athlete
Goliath Racial Feature Stone’s Endurance
Shaman Class Feature Companion Spirit
Shaman Class Feature Protector Spirit
Shaman Class Feature Healing Spirit
Shaman Class Feature Speak with Spirits
Feat Distant Advantage
Feat Sure Climber
Power Type Power Name
At-Will Spirit’s Shield
At-Will Protecting Strike
At-Will Call Spirit Companion
At-Will Haunting Spirits
Encounter Stone’s Endurance
Encounter Healing Spirit
Encounter Speak with Spirits
Encounter Call to the Ancestral Warrior
Encounter Spring Renewal Strike
Daily Spirit of the Healing Flood


1) Gron’s clan, The Stoutskins, was known for their speed. They could run great distances. In his clan, last names were not given, they were earned. Great competitions among Goliaths, called Heralins, were run by the clan leaders every year.(think mini-olympics)

2) At the age of 15, Gron climbed one of their more prestigious mountains, Rocktop Peak. A feat accompilshed by only the most esteemed Goliath mountain climbers. After years of training, Gron enters the Heralins under the mountain climbing competition. He scales the Rocktop Peak so fast, he breaks the record that was held for fifty years by Rognon Fastriser. Gron earns his last name, Swiftrise.

3) Gron continues his training, hoping to best his own record once again the next year. One day, during his training, storm clouds hasitly fill the sky and it starts to pour rain. Gron considers this even more challenge, and continues on. Lightning blinds the skies and thunder roars. Gron makes it to the top and yells a beastial roar in triumph. Lightning strikes as he is overlooking the river below. Gron Swiftrise loses his footing and falls off the opposite side of the mountain into a river. Gron tumbles down the mountain, attemping to grip the mountain-side rocks as he plummets down the steep hill. With the moist rocks and Gron weight, he can not manage to grab on to anything for long enough to become stable. Nearing the bottom of the mountain, Gron starts to roll and soon enough is unconscious.

Gron awakes to a elderly hermit kobold dressed in robes and wielding a staff. Fuldran the shaman claimed he found Gron washed up on the riverside, and Fuldran moved him to his hut and managed to heal him. Gron grew curious of Fuldran’s lifestyle decided to stay and learn his way.

4) After learning the ways of the shaman, Gron takes to the forest for a spiritual journey. In his travels, he meets and aids a group of sellswords looking for an unnatural beast murdering innocents from a nearby town. After some consideration, he decides to help. Then, he is asked to tag along with the group. He joins, deciding that his journey led him to them for a reason.

5) A few months into their travels, one of them betrays another, slaying them in their sleep. Gron wakes up to see this happening. The shifty rogue was apparently undercover for months trying to collect a bounty on their paladin. Gron and Helrin manage to avenge their fallen comrade, slaying the rogue before he escaped. The party dissolved shortly thereafter.


1) Meet Fuldran and his old clan,including his brother, to tell them about his adventures.

2) Teach another the ways of the shaman.

3) Help another adventuring party in their ventures

4) Become more insightful and able to see people’s true intentions


1) At a young age, Gron heard about the Heralins, and their age requirement of 18. When he was 8 and a half, he started becoming anti social, making little social talk. Whenever he turned 9, he managed to convince everyone he was actually 10. So he was actually 17 whenever he beat the record.

2) Fastriser was related to Gron, his Great Uncle.(Unknown to Gron) Therefore, he has more family than he knows.

3) The rogue is still alive and well. His death was an illusion(Unknown to Gron)


1) Helrin – An elven ranger that was in his previous adventuring party. They havent talked since the incident. Gron felt the most connection with Helrin more so than anyone else, due to his natural background, being a ranger.

2) Fuldran – The elder kobold shaman that taught Gron the ways of the shaman. Fuldran didnt reveal much about his history to Gron.

3) Cron – His older goliath brother. Cron was very supportive and proud of Gron whenever he won the mountainclimbing competition in the Heralins. Cron kept his age secret for Gron. They were very close, and Gron misses him the most from the old clan.


1) Breaking the record set by Fastriser. The best moment in his life, by far.

2) The fall and the awakening. These are clearcut memories for Gron, He will never forgot the shaman kobold, Fuldran.

3) The feeling of great betrayal by Lelz, the elven rogue that slayed his paladin friend, Fredrick.

Gron Swiftrise

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