Albus Torquanus

The man to see about water in Bythovia.


Albus Torquanus was named propraetor1 of waterworks in the consulship of Haddinnian and Relanex and is subordinate to the praetor of public works. Torquanus acts as the primary financial officer and de facto manager of the Bythovian waterworks systems, including the aqueducts and sewers. Mindful of his department’s invisibility when the waterworks run smoothly and its dangerously high profile if they don’t, Torquanus is very keen on keeping the works running smoothly until he can ascend to a praetorship.

Torquanus hired the party to investigate widespread problems with the waterworks during the consulship of Arminius and Astuanax.

1 A position in the Bythovian bureaucracy originating in the imperial administrative structure and greatly modified. Bythovian propraetors are subordinate to praetors rather than assigned to provinces. Technically extralegal, a promagistracies in the Bythovian bureaucracy are filled by the appointees of executive magistrates and can be removed either by those same magistrates or by the popular assembly.

Albus Torquanus

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