Del Skorzeny

A crime boss who has made a city his fief.


Del Skorzeny is a man of business. His business, specifically, is making money with little effort. Skorzeny is the boss of an organization an Ariaphas that offers security services for a nominal fee to every business in town, as well as transportation companies that travel through it. These services are vital to the Ariaphan economy, as a group of bandits haunt the region, terrorizing mercantile caravans, knocking over banks, and generally restricting trade unless Skorzeny keeps a lid on them. As he has very few employees, many speculate that he keeps the bandits in check by beating them with the sacks of gold he gets every month.

The Ariaphas Chamber of Commerce does not like Del Skorzeny.

Skorzeny was confronted by the party in his mansion during a meeting with his lieutenants.


Del Skorzeny

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