Lelz is an elf of roguish demeanor and unknown background. For a time he was one of Gron’s companions, but he absconded after murdering a paladin they were traveling with. Gron was unaware of his subsequent whereabouts.

Gron has recently met Lelz again in Del Skorzeny‘s mansion. Lelz has been working as one of Skorzeny’s operations crew for some time and was posted in the mansion for security on the night of Skorzeny’s meeting with his underbosses. Lelz dueled Gron but ultimately retreated from battle, presumably to summon assistance.

After escaping from the battle at the mansion, Lelz skipped town and made his way to the Azure Plains. There he hooked up with a bunch of shifter bandits and preys on passing travelers and caravans. It’s not as cushy as his old job, but it will do for now.


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