Abraxas Rigopoulis

A young minotaur out to shake up the world of maze design.


Abraxas Rigopoulis is a minotaur with a mission. His aim in life is to become the preeminent maze architect in the minotaur world, not a small feat. Finding himself unable to exercise his abilities to their fullest extent on Dylaea, the island of the minotaurs, Abraxas left for new, mazeless lands. Unfortunately, the world outside of Dylaea was largely uninterested in mazes.

After bumping around the duchies for a while, Abraxas ended up on a boat to Anshun. From there he set out toward the north and fetched up in Ariaphas. He found employment tended to a wealthy man’s hedge maze, but he still harbored dreams of his own constructions until the day Lindwell walked in and tantalized him with the idea of pan-dimensional mazes.

Abraxas Rigopoulis

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