Breyer Angosh

A constable working to bring Jorma to something that superficially resembles justice.


Breyer Angosh is a lieutenant in the constabulary of Ariapha, a city well south of New Port Chalmers. Angosh dislikes Jorma, going so far as to attempt to prosecute the rogue for the deaths of the Dungeoneers. After being rebuffed by the judiciary due to the lack of occupational safety laws, Angosh began a campaign to trap Jorma with trumped-up charges centering around his obsessive and unconscious kleptomania. His plans were foiled by Jorma’s sudden egress. Since then Angosh has set in motion a vast conspiracy of paperwork to entrap Jorma in the complicated web of extradition agreements, compacts of legal cooperation, and political alliances present among the independent polities of the continent. However, mistaken identity and clerical error have thrown a snag into Angosh’s plan, and Jorma now walks free in New Port Chalmers. Although Jet Fango, Angosh’s most recent catspaw, has captured Jorma, Angosh may yet take matters into his own hands.

Angosh has recently made peace with Jorma. After losing his prey to an extradition gambit masterminded by Lindwell Sam’ej Dio, Esq., Angosh has been forced to step outside the law and make common cause with Jorma in order to rid Ariaphas of Del Skorzeny and his lieutenants. He is presently engaged in dismantling Skorzeny’s former organization, with help from both the chaos reigning within it after Skorzeny’s death and various documents detailing that organization’s inner workings and business dealings (provided by Jorma).

Breyer Angosh

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