Emrett Mazrid

A vain wizardess who seeks the power of the Oasis of the Golden Peacock for herself.


Emrett Mazrid was once a promising historian, but her obsession with tying her ancestry to the Order of the Golden Peacock brought her ridicule, chiefly due to the efforts of the scholar Voor. Mazrid set out to prove her worth by capturing the power of the Oasis of the Golden Peacock for herself and getting some measure of revenge along the way. Mazrid has recruited a band of eladrin raiders for the task, and she has set them to looting books and scrolls related to the oasis and its powers. Voor has been captured by Mazrid’s eladrin for use as a component in the final ritual that would allow Mazrid to usurp the oasis.

Mazrid and Hazar exist in an uneasy peace, as neither has the strength or will to successfully remove the other, at least until Hazar struck a deal with the party.

Mazrid appears to have been in contact with another scholar named Amrit Perrigan, but the substance of their correspondence is largely unknown.


Emrett Mazrid

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