Eroun Zamada

A priestess of Erathis who has come to serve all the souls of this place.


Eroun Zamada is a young cleric of Erathis in the Order of the Itinerant. She was dispatched to New Port Chalmers on the day of the accident that led to its founding. After arriving, she managed to convince the remaining townsfolk to erect a small church where she performs religious services for a variety of gods on a semi-regular basis. She holds services for Marshal Daguerre’s (solitary) worship of Kord, for instance, and Melora (with the approval of Erathis) speaks through her whenever that goddess needs to communicate with the elves off to the west. As a consequence of her heavy duty cycle, Zamada is now one of the largest consumers of Karl Taras’s products.

Eroun Zamada is easily identified by her white, hooded robe with red triangle trim at each hem.

Eroun Zamada

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