Jet Fango

A bounty hunter looking to strike it rich in the Fringe.


Jet Fango is a rough sort of fellow. After getting bounced out of the constabulary in Teremial, he drifted northward for a bit, exercising his police experience for people willing to pay for a little security. Now he’s landed in New Port Chalmers with one of his catches, and he’s looking to collect.

Jet was once forced to yield up Jorma to the free air due to a clerical error on the arrest warrant. He remained in New Port Chalmers awaiting a reply to his request for a new warrant while keeping an eye on Jorma.

Later, Jet captured Jorma in Teremial and was able to turn him in to the authorities for a significant reward. Quick legal action by Lindwell caused a flabbergasted judge to release Jorma to New Port Chalmers, however. Lindwell later enacted his petty revenge on a drunken Jet.

Jet Fango

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