Krenal'onar Kenrahel

Dark Elf Paladin of the Raven Queen


Drow Paladin Level 10
“Young Guardian Sworn to the Gods”

Tier Class
Heroic Tier Paladin
Paragon Path Soul Reaper
Epic Destiny Raven Knight or Exalted Angel
Stat Value Bonus
STR 8 -1
CON 14 +2
DEX 13 +1
INT 10 0
WIS 17 +3
CHA 20 +5
Calculated Stat Value
Max HP 83
Bloodied 41
AC 24
REF 20
Healing Surges 12
Surge Value 20
Equipment Slot Equipment Name
Weapon Bradaman’s Execution Axe +3
Weapon Black Feather of the Raven Queen +2
Armor Whiteflame Plate Armor +1
Shield None
Hands None
Neck Raven Cloak +2
Feet Boots of Adept Charging
Arms None
Waist Viper Belt
Ring 1 None
Ring 2 None
Feature Type Feature Name
Drow Racial Feature Darkfire (chosen)
Drow Racial Feature Cloud of Darkness
Paladin Class Feature Divine Challenge
Paladin Class Feature Lay on Hands
Paladin Class Feature Divine Mettle
Paladin Class Feature Divine Strength
Feat Versatile Expertise (Axes and Holy Symbols)
Feat Weapon Prof. (Execution Axe)
Feat Improved Defenses
Feat Brilliant Darkfire
Feat Bardic Dilettante
Feat Radiant Touch
Power Type Power Name Fluff
At-Will Divine Challenge Marks enemy. If it targets someone else but not me, takes damage equal to my Cha modifier.
At-Will Lay on Hands I spend healing surge but target regains hp instead of me
At-Will Virtuous Strike +2 bonus to saving throws until start of next turn
At-Will Ardent Strike subject to my divine sanction
Encounter Cloud of Darkness Close burst 1; lasts until the end of my next turn, blinds all creatures within, and blocks line of sight
Encounter Darkfire Until the end of my next turn, all attacks against the target have combat advantage and target cannot gain benefit from invis or conceal
Encounter Divine Mettle Grant saving throw with bonus equal to my Cha mod
Encounter Divine Strength Apply my Str mod as extra damage on my next attack this turn
Encounter Invigorating Smite If bloodied, I regain HP = 5 + Wis mod; bloodied allies within 5 do the same
Encounter Fearsome Smite Until the end of my next turn, target takes penalty to attack rolls = my Wis mod
Encounter Divine Reverence Close burst 1 and target is dazed until end of my next turn
Daily Sign of Vulnerability Target gains vulnerability 5 to radiant until end of encounter
Daily Majestic Halo Until end of encounter, all enemies that start their turn adjacent to me are marked by my divine sanction
Daily Reaper’s Harvest Target is subject to divine saction; if it dies, I can spend a healing surge and regain twice surge value
Daily Bless Weapon Personal; +1 power bonus to attack rolls with one weapon,
+1d6 radiant damage, and scores crit on 18-20 against creatures vulnerable to radiant
Daily Wrath of the Gods Close burst 1; me and each ally in burst, bonus to damage rolls = my Cha mod until end of encounter
Daily Turn the Tide Close burst 3; me and each ally in burst make saving throws against every effect that a save can end

Ten-Minute Background

5 Background Concepts:

  • Serious, yet sarcastic; a bit of a zealot at times
  • Departed the Underdark when he heard his calling, abandoning his family and Matron
  • Prefers to wear garb of his Goddess, making it difficult for him to truly “blend in”.
  • Has worked for the Church of the Raven Queen for years upon years, primarily as a simple bodyguard for more prominent church members.
  • Recently received a mission from a cloaked member of the church merely telling him that he would find the first step toward fulfilling his destiny in New Port Chalmers.

2 Goals

  • To successfully navigate and complete his missions for the Raven Queen
  • Play an effective Paladin by mixing radiant and necrotic powers and playing with elemental resistances (both mine and the enemy’s)

2 Secrets

  • True name is ValorUrl Kenneld. Name he uses now was bestowed by a priestess of the church.
  • He went missing during a routine scouting mission to escape from the Underdark.

3 People

  • Baedril Kenneld. His Matron. She didn’t approve of him leaving, which prompted his disappearance.
  • Inlarariina Torett. Drow priestess of the Raven Queen. She gave him his name and, he believes, the mission he is on now.
  • Charae Kenneld. Matron’s daughter and next in line. You can run with this one.

3 Memories

  • Faked his disappearance and death by attacking a group of Duergar. In reality, there were no Duergar, but whatever. It worked. Sorta
  • When he received his name from Riina, he felt he was finally released from the Underdark, free to pursue his calling as a paladin of the Raven Queen.
  • He is extremely trusting until he encounters prejudice, based on his first encounter with prejudice which resulted in him being stoned and run out of town simply for being a drow.

Developing Character

  • I’m beginning to build “Karl” as a bit of a resistance hog

Krenal'onar Kenrahel

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