Larkin Qylarin

Level 9 Elven Ranger


Tier Class
Heroic Tier Ranger
Paragon Path Battle Archer (Planned)
Epic Destiny Undetermined
Stat Value Bonus
STR 13 +1
CON 14 +2
DEX 19 +4
INT 10 0
WIS 19 +4
CHA 8 -1
Calculated Stat Value
Max HP 66
Bloodied 33
AC 22
REF 21
Healing Surges 8
Surge Value 17

Equipment Slot Equipment Name
Weapon Distance Longbow +3
Weapon Magic Long sword +1, Short sword, daggers
Armor Elven Battle Leather Armor +2
Shield None
Neck Elven Cloak +2
Hands Burglar’s Gloves
Arms Bracers of Archery (heroic tier)
Feet Catstep Boots (heroic tier)or Branchrunners (heroic tier)
Head Helm of the Eagle (paragon tier)
Waist Belt of Vigor (heroic tier)
Ring 1 None
Ring 2 None

Feature Type Feature Name
Elf Racial Feature Elven Weapon Proficiency, Nature Bonus, Perception Bonus
Elf Racial Feature Group Awareness (Non-elf allies within 5 get +1 to perception)
Elf Racial Feature Fey Origin
Elf Racial Feature Wild Step (Ignore difficult terrain when shifting, even when shifting multiple squares)
Elf Racial Feature Elven Accuracy
Ranger Class Feature Hunter’s Quarry
Ranger Class Feature Prime Shot
Ranger Class Feature Archer Fighting Style – Gain Defensive Mobility as a bonus feat.

Feat (Ranger) Defensive Mobility
Feat (1) Light Step (1 to Acrobatics and Stealth)
Feat (2) Quick Draw
Feat (4) Sure Climber (
1 to Athletics)
Feat (6) Weapon Focus (Bow)
Feat (8) Bow Expertise

Power Type Power Name Description
At-Will Hunter’s Quarry The nearest enemy can be designated as quarry as a minor action. Once per round 1d6 damage can be done to the quarry when you hit it with an attack.
At-Will Nimble Strike Shift 1 square before or after you attack.
At-Will Twin Strike Attack twice with ranged or two melee weapons, no ability modifier to damage.
Encounter Elven Accuracy Reroll an attack roll, use the second roll even if it’s lower.
Encounter Fox’s Cunning In response to an attack on yourself, you can shift 1 square, then make a basic attack against the enemy. Gain a power bonus to your basic attack roll equal to your Wis modifier (4)
Encounter Disruptive Strike In response to an attack on yourself or an ally, you can make a basic attack against the enemy. If successful, the target takes a penalty to its attack roll for the triggering attack equal to 3 + your Wis Modifier (
4) = (7)
Encounter Hawk’s Talon Make an attack that ignores cover or concealment with a bonus equal to your Wis modifier (4).
Encounter Yield Ground In response to an enemy damaging me with a melee attack, I can shift a number of squares equal to your Wis modifier (
4). Gain a 2 power bonus to all defenses until the end of your next turn.
Encounter Weave through the Fray In response to an enemy moving adjacent to me, I can shift a number of squares equal to my Wis modifier (
Daily Hunter’s Bear Trap On a successful hit, the target is slowed and takes 5 ongoing damage (saves end). On a miss, the target takes half damage and is slowed until the end of my next turn.
Daily Splintering Shot On a successful hit, the target takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls until the end of the encounter. On a miss, the target takes half damage and takes a -1 2 penalty to attack rolls until the end of the encounter.
Daily Attacks on the Run You can move your speed. At any point during your move, you can make two 3[W]+mod melee or ranged attacks. On a miss, the hits deal half damage.


Ten-Minute Background
5 Background Concepts:
• Earnest, not charismatic, tends to say whatever comes to mind and talk in combat, but knows he is not that smart or charismatic and tries to restrain himself
• He is part human, but only 1/32nd so it is barely noticeable. His family name traces itself to a well-traveled half-elf ranger (Larkin Scarletleaf) who he is named after. His direct ancestors have married elves since then, but most of the family are half-elves and a few are basically human.
• His family strives to improve relations between humans and elves mainly, but also promotes general interracial harmony. As such, very few of the family branches have settled done, preferring to travel at least every few years.
• Has worked for several town guards, caravans and other adventuring parties.
• Recently has taken more interest in bridging the gap to Fey and even creatures typically considered evil, but hasn’t figured out how to go about this yet.
2 Goals
• To promote a positive image of elvenkind and generally bridge interracial boundaries.
• To excel at combat archery in combat, and provide support for stealth and tracking.
3 People
• Larissa Scarletleaf – Larkin’s 3rd cousin, a half-elf rogue.
• Derrin Nert – Human Cleric of Bahamut served in his hometown’s guard with Larkin and his close friend while .
• Peverin Derolin – A charismatic half-elf warlord that Larkin and Derrin worked with for a time.
3 Memories
• Trained as a ranger with his elven great-great grandmother, Delrissa Scarletleaf (age 15-17). She is Larkin Scarletleaf’s daughter-in-law and also Larissa Scarletleaf’s great-great grandmother. If Larkin Scarletleaf’s descendents were not trained as rangers by him, they were trained by Delrissa. Delrissa has lived in the same elven town, Syriel, for over 100 years. Larissa and her family were living in the same town at the time.
• After leaving Syriel he moved to Morning Dew, Derrin’s hometown. He joined the town guard there and served for about three years (age 18-21). His parent’s would often leave to do their own adventuring. The town came under attack by a necromancer while his parent’s were away. Him and Derrin helped defend the townspeople while a more experienced adventuring party hunted down the necromancer.
• About two years ago (age 23), Peverin Derolin was using trickery to start hostilities between a human town and a kobold settlement that had been at a tenuous peace against each other to fleece the city for protection money and steal precious metals from the kobold mines. Larkin and Derrin were members of Peverin’s group but unwitting participants in his plan, unlike the other members. He discovered the plan with his observation skills, while Derrin took the lead on unraveling it. Derring and Larkin lead a group of humans and kobolds against Peverin and his allies in hopes of bringing them to justice. Peverin’s willing companions were captured or killed, but he escaped. Derrin remained in the town when Larkin left to find new adventures elsewhere. Note: Peverin is technically evil, but he cares more about his ego and wealth, and will perform good acts to boost those if there is the option.
2 Secrets
• Regrets his family more nomadic lifestyle and wishes he had stayed in some places longer. He has not voiced his opinions, but is considering settling down in one place, or even starting his own community.
• He and Larissa had dated when they were young, but split when their families moved apart. Their parents thought it was harmless flirtation (they did not support it developing further because they felt the bloodline was too close) and ended well. Larkin understood his parent’s wishes, but Larissa wishes Larkin had pushed for them to stay together and resents him for his lack of action.

Larkin Qylarin

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