A fairy who tricked a warlock into a pact.


Mint is a fairy! Mint made a deal with Lindwell Sam’ej Dio! Lindwell tries to be mean, sometimes, but that makes Mint sad, so Mint has to stop LIndwell. But Lindwell wants to help Mint! That makes Mint happy! Mint sends Lindwell good dreams when Mint is happy! Mint sends Lindwell bad dreams when Mint is sad, so Lindwell better watch out! Mint doesn’t always understand how Lindwell is helping, but Mint is confident that Lindwell can achieve Mint’s goals! That’s what Lindwell says.

Lindwell says Mint has a problem with pronouns?


The Lady of Spices, a summer fey, tricked Lindwell into a pact with her in order to continue a search for a palace that she had lost in the world. The Lady can only appear as a tiny fairy in the world except in places linked to the Feywild. She is kind to her friends and cruel to her enemies, and you can easily become an enemy by thwarting her desires.


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