Rene-Robert d'Iteme

A local merchant with too much stock.


Rene-Robert d’Iteme runs the only store in New Port Chalmers. He arrived from the cities to the south with a large stock of goods, including some magical items. However, New Port Chalmers was considerably smaller and less wealthy than Port Chalmers had been, and d’Iteme was stuck with a load of merchandise that he couldn’t sell and couldn’t afford to freight back. He’s not a bad blacksmith, though, and the townsfolk have found it useful to have (cash only) access to his merchandise, so Iteme Shop manages to stay afloat.

D’Iteme shares Mayor Branson’s goal of expanding New Port Chalmers and recapturing the river trade that it has lost. To that end, he has cultivated sources of information well beyond the town, and might be willing to share if a party is willing to further his interests.

Rene-Robert d'Iteme

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