A scholar from Zamali imprisoned by Emrett Mazrid.


Voor is an esteemed scholar from Zamali. He is a member of the Brotherhood of the Peacock and communicates as regularly as possible with scholars as far west as Bythovia.

Voor’s open derision of the frankly ludicrous rantings of one Emrett Mazrid earned him the half-elf’s ire. He was captured in a raid on the city by eladrin bandits and dragged to the Oasis of the Golden Peacock to be a sacrifice in a ritual planned by Mazrid. He was rescued by the party.

After learning that the party had not killed the evil sphinx Hazar when it had the chance, Voor castigated them for losing a major research opportunity and leaving a dangerous creature loose to prey on travelers in the region. The party was somewhat abashed, but they were bound by a previous agreement and so returned him to Zamali.


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