Wizmo Wonderfunder

Mighty Gnome Wizard of Yonker Meadows

Wizmo Class Implement Mastery
Illusionist Wizard Tome of Readiness
Stat Value Bonus
STR 8 -1
CON 10 0
DEX 12 +1
INT 20 +5
WIS 13 +1
CHA 17 +3
Calculated Stat Value
Max HP 40
Bloodied 20
AC 20
REF 20
Healing Surges 6
Surge Value 10
Equipment Slot Equipment Name
Weapon His Mind
Armor Robe of Scintillation Cloth Armor +2
Implements Master’s Wand of Phantom Bolt +1
Book of Undeniable Fire +1
Miscellaneous Spell Book
Ritual Book
Adventurer’s Kit
Candle (10)
Fake Beard
3’ Tall Wizard Hat
Rituals Tenser’s Floating Disk
Wizard’s Curtain
Brew Potion
Glib Limerick
Transfer Enchantment
Unseen Servant
Arcane Mark
Feat Level Feat Name
Level 1 Ritual Caster
Level 1 Implement Expertise (Wand)
Level 2 Bardic Ritualist
Level 2 Alchemist
Level 4 Gnome Phantasmist
Level 6 Enlarge Spell
Power Type Wizard Power Wizmo Power
At-Will Phantom Bolt Wizmo’s Rainbow Bolt of Toe Tapping!
At-Will Nightmare Eruption Wizmo’s Vicious Pixie Nightmare Swarm!
At-Will Light Wizmo’s Brilliant Illumination!
At-Will Mage Hand Wizmo’s Magic Hand of Usefulness!
At-Will Prestidigitation Wizmo’s Amazing Thing That Amazes!
Encounter Grasping Shadows Wizmo’s Fairy Force Strike Team Extreme!
Encounter Color Spray Wizmo’s Rainbow Sneeze of Annihilation!
Encounter Arcane Bolt Poof!
Encounter Ghost Sound Wizmo’s Mysterious Sounds of Wonder!
Encounter Fade Away Wizmo’s Vanishing Act!
Daily Phantom Chasm Wizmo’s Bottomless Pit With Sprinkles!
Daily Visions of Avarice Wizmo’s Illusion of Excellence!
Daily Horrid Whispers Wizmo’s Horrible Unicorn Sounds!
Daily Phantasmal Assailant Wizmo’s Charging Chocolate Flavored Unicorn!
Daily Fireball Wizmo’s Ball of Exploding Flame!
Daily Flaming Sphere Wizmo’s Warm Happy Sunshine Beast!
Utility Refocus Wizmo’s Changing of His Own Mind!
Utility Spectral Image Wizmo’s Illusory Thingamajig!
Utility Moonstride Wizmo’s Invincible Dancing Moves!
Utility Summon Iron Cohort Fonk the Tremendous!
Utility Second Wind Wizmo’s Cinnamon Flavored Coffee!
Skill Training Skill Quote
Arcana Every powerful wizard must master the flows of the arcane.
Dungeoneering Wizmo’s great at accidentally finding his way around a dank dark dungeon.
Diplomacy Even though he’s oblivious to the fact, Wizmo’s pretty good at swaying the emotions of a crowd.
History Wizmo knows all about the past… unfortunately, this only pertains to his home dimension.

Under Construction

Wizmo Wondercool is undoubtedly the most powerful and amazing wizard in all the land. He just has a little trouble with that “casting” stuff. Sure he knows the spells (a fact he is constantly reiterating to comrades), and he’s even pretty good with a wand. But for some reason, his spells don’t always turn out the way he expects. In fact, he’s yet to actually cast a wizard spell correctly. The closest he’s managed so far was a spectacular attempt to conjure a bear’s roar while casting “ghost sound” in order to frighten a grue. Luckily this particular grue was deathly afraid of chickens, because a very intimidating clucking sound was what the spell produced. That was close enough for Wizmo to consider the casting a success.

His temper often gets the best of him after several miscasts, which results in a rather comical temper tantrum that would rival the performances of even the most skilled bards and gleemen. Spectators have often suggested that he should be a bard instead of a wizard. These statements usually result in more tantrums and brilliant comedic performances, which in turn produce more praise and acclamations of what a great bard he is. It’s a vicious cycle that ultimately ends with Wizmo stomping away from an applauding crowd of very entertained patrons cheering for more.

At 3’3” tall and 99 pounds, he’s the shortest fattest gnome most have seen. While wearing his 3’ tall wizard hat and sporting his fake long white flowing beard, he’s also the funniest looking gnome most have seen. And just as I’m sure you have guessed, any mention of Wizmo’s indubitable chubbiness or ridiculously adorable hat or beard yields an abundance of hilarious temper tantrum and vehemently adamant self-proclamations of his awesome wizardyness.

Wizmo Wonderfunder

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