Tag: Erathis


  • Order of Minacius

    The Order of Minacius is one of the churches which worship Erathis. The Order is focused on settling unpopulated regions and is most prominent among the cities of the Southern Coast and the Nieda River. The Order maintains recruiting personnel all over …

  • Theris Yandvale

    Theris Yandvale is an archdeacon in the Order of Minacius. He is currently a supervisor at the order's Anshun headquarters. In that position, he is responsible for moving new colonists to wherever the order requires them to be. He is a member of a faction …

  • Ulis Carillion

    Father-Administrator Ulis Carillion operates the Order of Minacius's Office of Northern Settlement in Bythovia. He was formerly an instructor at the Erathic seminary in Teremial and taught

    Orrin Rasha

    Bishop Orrin Rasha leads the Order of Minacius. Bishop Rasha is currently frustrated by the order's lack of progress in promoting settlement east of the duchies but cannot negotiate an end to the deadlock between the factions that control the order. Until …