The island of Anoxagoras is the homeland of the minotaurs. It has been inhabited since before Minacius began the importation of settlers to the mainland. Anoxagoras is one of the oldest provinces in the empire, being the second province to be annexed by imperial armies. Anoxagoras is home to some of the oldest cities in the empire, and many ancient and memorable structures reside there. Anoxagoras is well known as the homeland of some of the finest troops in the legions, although they have not been tested in nearly a century and a half.

Anoxagoras is primarily agricultural land spreading out from the dormant Three Sisters volcanoes in the center of the island. The island also possesses excellent fisheries. Several quarries dedicated to the mining of pumice and obsidian also exist. As Anoxagoras’s fertility practically promotes overpopulation, the province exports sailors, soldiers, and farmers looking for new lands and new lives. Anoxagoras is considered important enough that one legion and two fleets are permanently stationed there, despite its relatively sedate history following the settlement that ended Third Agricolan War.

As an imperial province, Bahamut is widely revered, although more among the human populace than the native minotaurs. Minotaurs tend to revere Pelor or Melora, depending on whether they are farmers or sailors. Many of Anoxagoras’s seafaring children worship Avandra. Small, secret cults to Baphomet exist, although minotaurs and human imperials ruthlessly exterminate them wherever they are found. A small cult of Zehir exists among the humans, though it is not particularly active.

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