Anshun was the first city founded on the Nieda River by the Order of Minacius and serves as the seat of that order. Anshun was originally populated entirely by refugees from the duchies; even today a significant fraction of its population refugees and immigrants, many of whom move further upriver. The constant flow of immigrants ensures that Anshun is the largest city on the Neida River and the Southern Coast. Anshun served as the base for further settlement along the Neida and eastward along the Southern Coast, replacing Strathburh for this purpose.

Anshun is also a major naval power in the region due to its large deepwater port, siginificant shipyards, and ability to import lumber from cities further up the Nieda River. Its maritime dominance goes hand-in-hand with economic dominance of the region, as Anshun is the gatekeeper for trade between the Nieda River cities and the cities of the Southern Coast.

Anshun’s religious landscape is dominated by Erathis; Anshun serves as the seat of an archdiocese and is the headquarters of the Order of Minacius. Pelor is also widely worshipped by foresters and farmers. The Raven Queen retains a large congregation as a holdover from the early days of the city, when harsh life in a new settlement took its toll. Other gods have lesser presences; Melora’s is particularly small.

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