Dio Training Hall

A building that Lindwell Sam’ej Dio, Esq. has been eying to serve as the base of his newest evil scheme. Realizing that the main downfall of evil overlords always seems to come from their minions, he created a revolutionary plan. Not content to hire brainless thugs and shiftless layabouts, instead he will use the local population of the town to be his loyal, yet intelligent and capable servants.

His plan involves hiring a scholar and warrior from a local city to instruct the children for 3 hours a day in history and combat. The two teachers will preferably be husband and wife to make the plan more affordable. They should both be around retirement age so that this position would not compete with their previous position and also be able to provide much more real world experience. By no means should they be aligned with evil; it would be too risky to have them kill a child or two or be caught performing some arcane ritual. Evil training or not, because of his role in the formation of this school, the townspeople will give him their devotion.

Due to lack of money, the townspeople will have to pitch in food and other necessities to keep them afloat until the town becomes larger and it can support them.

Mayor Thor Branson, impressed with Lindwell’s ability to get things done, has offered the building to Lindwell free of charge.

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Dio Training Hall

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