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Welcome to the Nieda-Harsas Bureau of Tourism! We are hard at work making your stay in the Nieda-Harsas valley a wonderful one! There are many fascinating places to go in our area, and we hope to show you just a few of the best. We are constantly updating our travel guides, so check back often!

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River Cities and Southern Coast

Excerpt from History of the Civilized Lands, Vol. XVII – Duke Gemmel’s War to the Great Compact

The settlement of the city-states of the Southern Coast and the Nieda River coincided with the commencement of the same hostilities which destroyed the Kingdom of Cydon. From the warring duchies streamed forth a torrent of the displaced, the desperate, and the homeless. As the wars entered their third year, Primate Dolores of the Order of Minacius realized the opportunity that the sheer quantity of these unfortunates presented. Dolores immediately seized upon the idea of settling the displaced along the fertile coast of the Southern Ocean, an area the kings of Cydon had forbidden. The success of the Strathburh colony exceeded all expectations, and the Order began a massive drive to recruit new settlers for the lands beyond.

The Empire

Excerpt from History of the Civilized Lands, Vol. II – The Founding to the Minotauric Wars

The violence with which the city-states of the land clashed was a fresh reminder that, although Minacius had delivered them from the chaos of the Northern World, the men who settled the new continent had brought all their old sins with them. The continual warfare and skirmishing produced a hardy breed made for battle, but the archons of the City knew that force has only so much utility and is then exhausted. By alliance and treaty as much as war and conquest did they expand their hold over their neighbors, and in one lifetime the whole region had given itself to their guiding hand.


Escul Desert

Excerpt from Thrumblin’s Gazetteer of the Known World

To the inhabitants, the river is the River; there is no other. The River is the source of life in the Escul Desert. Apart from some scattered oases it is the only water in the land. The cities of the desert, Zamali and Tiphara and Cetoxor, depend on its beneficence for their survival. Reports of ruins far into the sands hint that the River was not alway so important. . . .


Groups and Organizations

Eastern Highlands

Excerpt from Thrumblin’s Gazetteer of the Known World

The traders of Zamali know something of the lands east of the desert. They say it is a land of forested mountains and well-watered valleys, a land of wonders and wars. They do not say overmuch about how to get there.

The Far South

Excerpt from Eisenfurst’s Gazetteer of the Unknown World

Birds and dogs that swim like fish, deserts of ice, and a blue-eyed people who wield strange water magics are features of travelers’ tales regarding a land beyond the Southern Ocean. As yet, none of the duchies has funded an expedition to determine the veracity of these claims.

Beyond the Northern Mountains

Excerpt from Three Journeys by Sea

We did not linger long on the shore. The captain said that the inhabitants, a tribe of elves few had ever seen except from afar, did not suffer trespassers for long. We left the wine and the bronze bracelets on the sand and rowed back to our ship. The traders came out of the jungle very swiftly; they had probably watched our activities all the while were were ashore. They examined our offerings closely and took what they wanted. After they departed, the captain ordered the longboats to return. Our trading partners had left quite a quantity of gold which, the captain said, was destined for the Imperial Mints.

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