New Port Chalmers

New Port Chalmers is the premiere destination for merchants, artisans, and farmers in the Nieda-Harsas region! We offer excellent lodging in our four star hotels†, fine dining, a selection of unique local beverages, and a wide array of goods available in our shopping district. If you just want to relax, watersports and assorted recreational areas are just minutes away! -Nieda-Harsas Bureau of Tourism

New Port Chalmers is the largest town in the Nieda-Harsas region. It was once a thriving trade town, serving as a link between the dwarves of the Harrowby Hills and northward, the elves in the Singleterry Forest, and the human regions further south along the Nieda River. Since then, the town has fallen on hard times, and traders usually bypass it in favor of more distant locales. The town’s leaders would love to rebuild and recapture some of the trade they’ve lost, but they never have enough money or labor.

New Port Chalmers is mostly located on what were once the outskirts of Port Chalmers.

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†Hotel ratings approved by the Nieda-Harsas Bureau of Tourism.

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New Port Chalmers

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