Oasis of the Golden Peacock

The Oasis of the Golden Peacock is an oasis in the Escul Desert. It is located roughly 100 miles south of Zamali. The oasis is located far from the main routes of travel across the desert, and only a handful of scholars are aware of its existence.

The oasis is the location of a leakage of energy from the feywild into the world. This energy attracts birds of all sorts to the oasis. Additionally, a portal to the feywild is located at the bottom of the lake in the center of the oasis.

The Oasis of the Golden Peacock is named so after the Order of the Golden Peacock, which studied the oasis until its dissolution. The Brotherhood created Hazar, an immortal sphinx, to guard the oasis in their absence.

Recently, Emrett Mazrid attempted to usurp the energies of the Oasis of the Golden Peacock for her own purposes. The party managed to stop her, but they and their ally Voor were forced out of the oasis by Hazar.

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Oasis of the Golden Peacock

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