Mostly, Gron provides combat advantage when necessary, or provides temp hp. Of course, being a leader, Gron’s job is to keep the group up. He uses his spirit companion,a bear, as a source of some of his attacks

HP/Temp Gain
  • Spirit’s Shield(AWP) – OA from bear spirit.(EFFECT)Provides 4 hit points within 5.
  • Protecting Strike(AWP) – Melee from bear. 3 Temp hp to everyone adjacent to bear.
  • Healing Spirit(2x EP) – Allows an ally nearby to use a healing surge. Also 1d6 hp to one ally adjacent to bear.
  • Spring Renewal Strike(EW) – Melee from bear. One ally adjacent spends healing surge+3.
  • Spirit of the Healing Flood(DP) – Lasts end of encounter, close burst 5 on me. regen 2 while bloodied. Can expend effect for 10 hp.
  • Spirit of Life(DP) – Target regains hp as if he or she spent a healing surge.
  • Haunting Spirits(AWP) – Ranged from me. Combat advantage if i hit to ally i choose.
  • Call to the Ancestral Warrior(EP) – Melee from bear.Until end of next turn, +2 power bonus to all defenses while adjacent to spirit companion.


The bulk of Jorma’s damage will come from combat advantage, mostly through flanking.

Jorma can move 2 more squares before an attack (melee or ranged) with Deft Strike. Useful for reaching flank or closing distance.

Jorma can throw or stab with a dagger with equal bonus. If he can’t reach flank he will often move in a direction that sets up his next move, and simply throw a dagger from a safe distance.

Jorma has two attacks that can reposition enemies: Positioning Strike and Low Slash. I save these to either force flanking or utilize terrain.

Jorma’s Low Slash power is a minor action. This is a very useful feature when Jorma receives an attack bonus that lasts one round.

Jorma has a Cape of the Mountebank (Immediate Reaction, after getting attacked I can teleport 5 and gain CA against that target), this is useful for catching ranged enemies.


Class Skills:
  • Nature’s Wrath (1 free): marks each adjacent enemy
  • Warden’s Fury (1 At-Will): marked enemy attacks other than me = melee attack and grants combat advantage to me and allies until end of next turn
  • Warden’s Grasp (1 At-Will): marked enemy attacks other than me = slide target 1 square, slow them, they cannot shift until end of their turn
  • Scion of Chaos (26 Daily): choose new target for attack; attack is now considered a natural 20
Debuff and shifting on hit (not listing damage if involved):
  • Thorn Strike (1 At-Will): pull target 1 square
  • Winter’s Herald Attack (1 Encounter): immobilize
  • Thundering Strike (3 Encounter): dazed and deafened
  • Thunder Step (5 Daily): teleport before hit, dazed on hit
  • Form of Storm Eagle Attack (9 Encounter): dazed
  • Thunder Smash (11 Encounter): prone
  • Icy Shards (13 Encounter): slowed
  • Form of Rowan Sentinel Attack (15 Encounter): dazed and ongoing damage
  • Call Forth the Harvest (17 Encounter): allows me to (possibly) mark everyone in close burst 2
  • Blizzard Strike (19 Daily): slowed
  • Startling Savagery (23 Encounter): dazed
Healing and Defense:
  • Earth Shield Strike (1 At-Will): 1 AC for me on hit
  • Nature’s Abundance (2 Daily): cover within burst 3 zone for encounter
  • Earthguard (6 Daily): stance; +1 power bonus to all defenses
  • Earth Gift (7 Encounter): damage and regain 10hp
  • Warding Vines (10 Daily): resistance to damage = con mod in close burst 2 for encounter
  • Shield of Stone (10 Daily): slide ally 5 squares, ally gains resist all damage 5 and +2 power bonus to all defenses
  • Verdant Life (16 Daily): can spend 2 healing surges
  • Wellspring of Life (22 Daily): spend healing surge, gain regeneration 5 + str for encounter

As seen by a lot of the projected powers above, I plan to spend a lot of time honing Blizzacane’s skills as a makeshift controller. Lots of debuffs, shifting, that kind of thing. I’ve also put in a few healing-based powers to make life easier on Gron (not that he needs it, but hey, I’m a nice guy). Feats are somewhat up in the air. I’ve tried about 3 different sets and haven’t been overly pleased with any of them. I’ll keep playing with it and put something here when I’ve cleared the water a bit.


Jorma + Blizzacane + Gron

Blizz will be the main flanking partner for Jorma.

Because the Spirit Animal grants bonuses to adjacent allies, we should try to flank horizontally or vertically instead of diagonally.

Jorma can move back two squares to provoke OAs (Jorma gets +2 AC vs. OAs) then Deft Strike back into flank position. This may allow Blizzacane to do extra damage.

Jorma could move adjacent to an enemy then hold his attack if it allows Blizzacane to move and grant flank.

To take maximum advantage of Gron’s spirit powers, Blizzacane and Jorma should flank on a horizontal or vertical axis when possible. This positioning will allow both of them to be adjacent to Gron’s spirit bear. If Blizzacane and Jorma flank on a diagonal axis, then the bear can only provide support to one at a time.

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