Strathburh is a city on the Southern Coast. It was founded by the Order of Minacius as a refuge for people fleeing the early stages of the war in the duchies. Strathburh later became a hub for new settlement on the Southern Coast as the war continued, although it has been replaced by Anshun in this capacity.

Strathburh’s major industries are agriculture, mining, and arms production. Although it maintains a navy, Strathburh is unable to compete in size with cities such as Anshun and Genacul. Of the cities on the Southern Coast, Strathburh maintains the closest economic ties to the duchies, supplying several sides with armaments.

The educated, including a number of prominent wizards, and numerous artisans have decamped from the duchies to Strathburh. Many are employed directly in the armaments industry. A significant fraction compose schools and univesities. Strathburh is therefore the most educated and technologically advanced city in the duchies, the Southern Coast, and the Neida River regions and rivals some of the centers of learning in the empire.

Erathis and Moradin are the most revered deities in Strathburh. Kord, Bane, and Ioun are all widely worshipped here.

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