The Strategic Underwater Demolitions Squad is the beginning of New Port Chalmers’ nautical force. It was formed under the authority of Lindwell Sam’ej Dio, Esq. due to the necessity of creating a team to remove the ruins of the old bridge from the bottom of Lake New Port Chalmers.

Its first member, Peter Petrov, was immediately promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer and given the task to recruit a senior chief petty officer who would then recruit the rest of this elite squad.

Once the job of clearing the rocks from the bottom of the lake has been completed, Lindwell plans to disband the SUDS and form a true multipurpose Navy. Techniques learned in the process of clearing the lake will be used to train specialists in the Dio Training Hall, and the manpower will initially be assigned to the defense of New Port Chalmers.


Master Chief Petty Officer: Peter Petrov
Senior Chief Petty Officer: Vacant
Chief Petty Officer: Vacant
Petty Officer First Class: Vacant
Petty Officer Second Class: Vacant
Petty Officer Third Class: Vacant
Seaman: Vacant

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