Two and a half days’ journey by boat from New Port Chalmers and three from the Harrowby Hills, Teremial is the northernmost of the River Cities and the southern edge of the Fringe.

Teremial benefited greatly from the accident at Port Chalmers. After the northerly settlement vanished, caravan routes over the Azure Plains that had previously terminated at Port Chalmers diverted south to Teremial. Additionally, Teremial became the northernmost port available south of the Dwarven Territories, moving that trade further south into the sphere of influence of the River Cities. The merchants of the city wasted no time consolidating their hold on transportation in both directions along the river, and the money they have gained thereby has fueled a boom in construction in and around the city.

Teremial is the see of bishops of Erathis and Pelor, although other gods have churches and small temples within the city.

Teremial is a trading city and as such has a wide variety of goods for purchase, some magical. Due to its expansion, Teremial has a booming construction industry. Shipbuilding is perhaps the largest industry after trade.

Teremial is mostly human. Halflings are the second largest ethnic group. Dwarves in the city are usually only there on business. The few dragonborn are either mercenaries or refugees from wars further west. Other races are rare.

Lindwell has been admitted to the bar here. He has since been acclaimed “The Worst Lawyer in Teremial” for successfully prosecuting a client he was supposed to defend.

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